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Pictorial: Tusker Lite brings the party flavor onto Silent Disco and Karaoke nights

Saturday night was indeed a night of fun-filled music, dancing and grooving to variety of music as party thrill seekers had their ears entertained to a Silent Disco and Karaoke experience like never before powered by Tusker Lite.

Revellers could barely spare a moment to chitchat as they were glued to the four music channels entertainment that played on throughout the night with back to back hits that kept them on their feet all night long at The Gardens, Najeera.

As the rounds of Tusker Lite beers warmed up the silent rave of party people, the Almost Famous DJ’s crew enticed many to flavors of Reggae, dancehall, old school, African and urban music according to one’s preference with more than enough headphones to go around the whole venue.

At one glance, the sight would have had one feeling like they are missing out on a fun night out. However, the Silent Disco and Karaoke nights are a monthly silent party rave so, for those who missed out, the September edition is just weeks away!!

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