Pictorial: Top slayers of the day unleashed

Pictorial: Top slayers of the day unleashed

Our celebrities, fashionistas and slay queens continue to rock us with some stunning photos and below are some of them.
Zenah Nakanwagi 

She is Uganda’s best poet and like her work, she also knows how to slay a bit.

Kleith Kyatuhaire
Former Television star was part of today‘s entourage of photos. It seems lockdown treated her well.

Debie Kagisha 
It is rarely for Diva Debie to miss out on the occasions. Today she is in the mix.

Sasha Ferguson 

Having been forced to stay in Germany due to restrictions on travels because of COVID-19, Sasha is these days seen rocking Germany Streets.

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Efrance Nakitto
Our top commercial model knows to shine before the camera.  We are with her in class today.

Mrs. Bainomugisha
Take camera from her, she can ‘die. Mrs. Bainomusha is such a camera love.
Dorothy Shonga

Down in Lilongwe, Malawi we bring our queen Dorothy Shonga. She is never a camera.

Mwaj Ahmed 

Hide cameras from her, she would rather commit ‘suicide’. She has truly slayed for us.

Tinah Teise 

On the photo menu, she never misses and we truly enjoy her poses. She calls herself ‘Kabale Juice’

Sheilah Parker 
Another saucy socialite who is addicted to the cameras.

Fatumah Asha
When you are a fashionista, the only way you can get customers is by showing off your work and this is what Fatumah is doing.

Daphine Tusiiime 

She has graced our pages on many occasions and it’s only because of her love for photos. She rocks!!!

Nina Roz
Diva continues to rock us with some of the finest photos showing off her ‘American Height’.

Huddah Monroe 

The Kenyan top socialite is the queen of slaying in the region. No doubt about that. She kills it.

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