Pictorial: Today’s top shots on Social media


This is how weekend started with stunning photos from some of our celebrities, slay queens, fashionistas and individuals. 
Top social scene queen Zari Hassan led the today’s pack by posing in front of her latest posh machine, a Bentley. She looked mesmerizing.

Television stars Tinah Teise and Mwaj Ahmed also thrilled the day with some amazing poses.

Also on the list is Juliet Zawedde, Miss Rwanda 2020 Naomie, fashion designer Anita Beryl. Below is the full list;
Zari Hassan, Sheebah Karungi, Sandra Agasaro (Sacha Kaate), Juliet Zawedde, Tinah Teise, Mrs Bainomugisha, Mwaj Ahmed, Sandra Teta, Sasha Ferguson, Ishimwe Naomie, Anita Beryl, Judith Heard, Sheilat Mulungi, Gloriah Tashkim (Gloria1), Gloria Lindwa, Cindy Sanyu.


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