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Pictorial: This is how celebrities slayed on social media today

Another day is gone and our celebrities did not disappoint us by unleashing hot photos on their social media pages.
The shots are mesmerizing, sizzling, dazzling and stunning.
Fashionista Bettinah Tianah leads today’s pack with a stunning dress and she looked dazzling.
Radio personality Shalom Kalule looked smashing as she poses for the photos.
Brand strategist and fashionista  Olivia Kentie also looked elegant and sexy.
Super sexy Nana Mesmerized us with her hot poses and they are irresistible.

‘Slay Queen Series’ comedy skits actor Gloria Kebirungi looked every inch sexy as she posed for the camera. She looked mesmerizing.

Below is the full list of the slayers;
Bettinah Tianah, Olivia Kentie, Shalom Kalule, Debie Kagisha,  Eleanor Nabwisho, Mathew Nabwisho, Tinah Teise, Zanie Brown, Sheilah Parker, Angella Katatumba, Heather Nanteza, Gloria Kebirungi, Juliet Zawedde, Nkuruzinza Aggy, Maggie Kiyingi, Huddah Monroe, Etania Mutoni, Sheilat Mulungi (Quin Ov Hearts), Sasha Ferguson, Maggie Kiyingi, Nana Weber.

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