Pictorial: Sizzling poses of the day on social media

Pictorial: Sizzling poses of the day on social media

People don’t have to struggle to see pictures of celebrities, Fashionistas and slay queens in newspapers. Social Media made it easy for us to access photos.
Lydia Jazmine 

You can not go wrong with this diva when it comes to slaying. She is always on point.

Spice Diana

Another songbird who knows how to fire up her social media fans and followers. She always look stunning.

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Mbabazi Janet
She is a businesswoman in town but she surely knows how to slay as well. Backed by her beauty, Janet is top slayer and you can’t doubt her on that.

Joselyn Kabatesi 

Actress and radio personality is surely up there also.  She knows how to keep up into the game of showbiz.

Lucky Mbabazi

She is the most photogenic radio personality in the country and truly she knows how to slay. Today she was joined by Gaetano Kaggwa and Manuela Mulondo in Capital FM studios.

Judith Heard 
She continues to rock us with stunning poses. It’s been a week now.
Naira Ali

She is back with a bang and we are sure know  her fans are liking it.

Fik Fameica 
He was among the slayers today showing some off his tattoos. He surely rocked!!
Ruth Nabukeera aka Ruth Nabz
This curvy queen also decided to fire up her social media with some hot poses showing off her dazzling figure.
John Blaq and DJ Bryan 
Singer and DJ decided to rock it together today. Here they are!!
Sheilat Mulungi

She has so been consistent this week with stunning poses and photos. Keep it up Quin Ov Hearts.

Leila Kayondo

This diva also did not miss out on the list today. She looked smashing.

Sheebah Karungi 

Karma queen can not miss out on rocking, she knows how to run showbiz game.


The young singer is slowly taking over the slayer. He is getting up there.


Today she is also here rocking us. She looked good in those sweater pants.

Tinah Teise 

Ever since she returned to screens after rebranding Login Xtra, she has been rocking all the way.

Carol Nantongo

She is also rocking these days, she never misses out.

Madrat and Chiko

These two are becoming slay kings rocking social media almost on a daily basis.

Desire Luzinda 

The diva is surely getting back to slaying despite being out of the country. She has started to consistently posts her stunning photos.

Shalom Kalule 

When it comes to slaying, this radio personality is up there climbing the ladder. She has spiced up her social media platforms with stunning photos.

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