Pictorial: How it went down at Roast and Rhyme at Jahazi Pier  

Pictorial: How it went down at Roast and Rhyme at Jahazi Pier  

Bell Babes Steal Show at Roast and Rhyme

It is the most popular quarterly outdoor event that features food and good music. The fourth edition of Roast and Rhyme, dubbed ‘Story Tellers Edition’ happened this weekend at Jahazi Pier in Munyonyo, attracting lots of fun loving revelers.

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And just like the organizers had promised – meat was in plenty, and so were the drinks.

Musicians like Ykee Benda, Kenneth Mugabe and Naava Grey lit up the stage with their performances and impressed with their ballads – the audience sang along word-for-word.

Janzi Band, also in attendance, put up an energetic act that had the crowds pulling off their best dance strokes. Local music lovers put their roasts and drinks aside to enjoy the performances of their favorite artists. Also present was the Rap Poet, Kagimu.

But the real show stealers were the Bell Lager brand ambassadors. Clad in the Bell Lager brand colors, the models wowed and had all eyes turning to catch a glimpse wherever they passed. The brand ambassadors put on a typical fashion-forward show in yellow tops and black bottoms.

The inaugural Roast and Rhyme event was held in June 2016, while the second edition was held four months later. Raggae Nyam Nyam was held in February 2017, as the third edition of the quarterly event.

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