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Pictorial: Here is a take look at who rocked Social Media today

Another day has gone and for people who love slaying, here is how they did it on their social media platforms.
Juliet Zawedde

Entrepreneur and philanthropist is one lady who knows how to entertain and keep her fans busy. This is how she celebrated America’s Independence Day.

Barbara Kimbugwe 
Former Miss Uganda looked smashing as she celebrated America’s Independence Day in Florida with some stunning poses.
Salma Sally
Fresh from giving birth a few months a go, Salma looks to be back to normal and enjoying herself these days.

Etania Mutoni 

Last night on NTV Mix Show, she looked amazing and rocked us all night long.

Keza Terisky 
Rwanda top commercial model continues to show us how she is ready to play Showbiz game.
Gloriah Tashkim

She looked stunning today and she is the commercial model to watch out for. You can not doubt her at slaying potential.

Iryn Namubiru

Diva continues to show us her side of slaying. She has been at it these days.


He has new music and we are sure, he won’t be disappointed by his fans. He is doing well.

Ykee Benda 
He is our slay king of the day. He looked styled up today.
Maggie Kiyingi

Actress is these days on slaying form. She is treating us perfectly.

Carol Nantongo 

Diva has also not disappointed us of recent. She looked fabulous today.

Anita Fabiola 

Like it or not, Fabiola is now a Hollywood material. Her poses today were mesmerizing.

Faridah Nakazibwe

NTV news anchoring queen is one lady who knows how to look classy and today she was extremely hot.

Spice Diana 

She continues to promote her new song with mesmerizing photos and her fans are surely enjoying.

Nkurunziza Aggy 

Rwanda social magnet looked smashing today. You can not doubt her slaying, she is up there.

Victoria Kimani
Kenyan diva looks amazing these days and we applaud her for that.
Leila Kayondo 
She has played quite well her showbiz. These days she looks marvelous.
Tinah Teise 

Kabale Juice is slowly becoming queen of the moment. She has perfectly used her chance.


Sheilah Parker 

Dazzling socialite is a queen at this game. She can never disappoint. This is how she looked today.

Lydia Jazmine 

She is one diva who has mastered slaying and showbiz game. She is always looking stunning.

Lindah Lisa 
To she decided to slay with her kid in a Gomesi dress. She looked a hot mama.
Nina Roz
Backed by her ‘American height’, the diva showed us some rare poses today. She looked sexy.

Jenny Kembabazi 

She is a model and to her slaying has never been a problem. Today she looked every inch hot.

Birungi Faith 
This media personality is a top corporate slay queen. Every pose of hers is mesmerizing.

Brenda Nampiima 
Popularly known as Brenda Seruw on social media, this curvy socialite came to rock us and she is truly entertaining.

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