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Pictorial: Here are stunning photos on social media today

As we end the week, this is how our celebrities, Slay queens and fashionistas slayed this weekend. 

Showbiz crown queen Zari Hassan leads the pack today with some mesmerizing pose.

The photos are sizzling, smashing and dazzling. Below is the full list of those who slayed;
Zari Hassan, Lucky Mbabazi, Mrs. Bainomugisha, Maggie Kiyingi, Gloria Lindwa, Daphne Kayondo, Samira Tumj, Sacha Kaate, Natasha Sinayobye, Lydia Jazmine, Efrance Nakitto, Natie K, Sharon Julie, Sheilah Parker, Sheeebah Karungi, Sasha Ferguson, Mwaj Ahmed, Gloriah Tashkim, Tinah  Teise, Etania Mutoni, Sylvia Wilson Namutebi, Aly Alibhai, Maggie Kiyingi, Lydia Jazmine.

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