Photos: Tusker lites up Mbarara with Neon Rave party

Photos: Tusker lites up Mbarara with Neon Rave party

Mbarara: Good Friday was indeed a good one for revelers as the Tusker Lite Neon Rave party made its debut in Mbarara town, captivating the land of milk and honey with its oneof-a-kind glow in the dark music fest.

The event which drew a huge crowd including Kampala city folk took place at the Rotary Grounds in Mbararawith singer Vinka as the headlining act.

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The Chips & Ketchup, Level, Malaika and ‘Overdose, star indeed gave Mbarara an overdose of entertainment as the western Uganda town tasted Tusker Lite’s fun-filled party for the first time.

The highlight of the night though was the dance number performed by the dancers that kept everyone on their feet as they danced with revelers during their smashing performance amnongest fun competitions that saw reveler go away with Tusker Lite goodies.

Tusker Lite is about “lite-ing the way” to fun, newexperiences, and we all know that such experiences are best enjoyed with friends who are eager to partake in thisvibrant lifestyle to which we are opening the doors for our consumers,” said Cathy Twesigye, Brand ManagerPremium Beers, UBL.

The event also featured performances of new artists Wendy & Roger Kent, DJ mixes from DJ Crim and DJ Alberto, a tattoo parlour, 3D cinema, silent disco and fun games like fifa, silent movie where revelers go to watch movies throughout the night.

The Neon Rave will take place in major regions around the country with Fort Portal and Gulu coming up next

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