Photos: Mr. De’Bank: An iconic celebrity who changed the definition of fashion and style

Photos: Mr. De’Bank: An iconic celebrity who changed the definition of fashion and style

Katsha De’bank has mastered the art of fashion!!

We always follow actress and actors and try to copy their fashion but we always forget that it is very easy to look good and fashionable on screen.

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The reason is very obvious. This is due to number of reasons ranging from availability of whole team of designers who design costume as per the demand of the scene to the stylists and photographers with a job to make one look so good and excellent on screen. But is it the same off-screen. I believe this is not the case as off-screen you are at your own. Off-screen selection of attire entirely depends on your fashion sense.

In real life, very few people match excellence in fashion and attire. Among those, Mr. Katsha Debank is one such fashion celebrity who changed the definition and style in fashion industry. He is considered as best dressed businessman in business community.

Mr. Katsha Debank is the real ambassador of fashion when it comes to wearing smart casual. Debank wore a suit like he was born and raised in it. This doesnt end here. His classical attire comes when he wore a shirt and tie with crisp blazer. It is not easy to look classic in such attire but his fashion sense has helped him shaped  this toughest dress code looks like a breeze. His choice of ties speaks about his taste in looking decent and fashionable at the same time.

Therefore, despite having dressed up in such a hardest way, he always look stylish and casual at the same time. It is not exaggeration, if we termed him as an epitome of fashion in todays world. That is why, he has a particular knack for looking cool and comfortable in anything he wears from casual jeans to well fitting tailored three piece suiting. His dressing sense speaks volume about his focus on finer details on what he wears. Further, whenever he is seen wearing some version of jeans or chinos and T-shirt, it looks like he has converted this ordinary style of dressing into something extra ordinary as he lift his dressing with a seemingly endlessly section of really excellent outerwear. Does this style come without any effort? when we asked Mr. Debank, he smiled and answered in his unique polite way: It is not easy but you can do it through practice as this requires time and effort to develop such fashion sense which creates aura of attraction.

No wonder, this is the reason, he was our best dressed man in 2018 and will continue to be as he has changed the definition of fashion and style of our times.

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