Photos: Keza Anne’s raw Sex appeal in hot bikini

Photos: Keza Anne’s raw Sex appeal in hot bikini

After finding out that such a hot woman exists, we feel like we have been wronged our entire life by not knowing about her. I think we are in need of some justice. Some Keza Anne Justice. She’s well within her jurisdiction to definitely balance out the scales.

A life sentence of keep ogling at her in bikini is exactly what we are hoping for. We deserve it. But we are also willing to settle for community service. If that community service meant doing duties around the house for her. We are pretty good at hard labor. And hopefully our form when we rake her leaves looks impressive enough to her that she decides to invite us in for a glass of lemonade, and possibly to look at her colorful array of other clothing. Her bikini looks immaculate. We would politely accept her invitation and ask for her to extend our community service sentence indefinitely.

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Keza would make a great beach couple. I heard opposites often compliment each other, so we can be like beauty and the beast. Minus the talking candles, clocks, and teapots. I hope she’s up for falling in love with the last man she’ll ever need to meet.

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