Photos: Johnnie Walker celebrates World Whisky Day

Photos: Johnnie Walker celebrates World Whisky Day

Saturday, May 20th marks World Whisky Day globally. A day when whisky lovers get to celebrate their love for whisky with events and parties all around the world.

“Celebrating the water of life” as it is commonly called, the day is about making whisky fun for all.

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The special occasion is commemorated by whisky lovers worldwide with tastings, events and gatherings.

To commemorate the day, Johnnie Walker Uganda took the celebrations a notch higher by offering Bottle Turn Up services and activations for whisky lovers around the city with activations at Dice Lounge & bar and at NRG Radio.

At the activations, guests were treated to the beautiful Instagrammable moments with lit Johnnie Walker paraphernalia and ofcourse luxurious bottle services that saw them celebrate the day with the scotch of Big Flavor.

Speaking about the celebrations, Christine Kyokunda, the Johnnie Walker Uganda Brand Manager emphasized the need for the celebrations and why it is important to the brand.

“True to our purpose of celebrating life every day and everywhere, World Whisky Day is a day that we cherish as it’s not only a day to celebrate with like minds and friends, it’s also a day to celebrate and pay homage to our heritage as a scotch blended whisky that many enjoy around the world,” she said.

“So, as we celebrate this day, let’s raise a glass and toast to a life of Big Flavour with Johnnie Walker,” she added.

The brand also took revelers on a journey of taste with a mentorship and tastings among other things.

The Word Whisky originates from the classical Gaelic word Uisce Beatha. It ultimately became Uisce Beatha in Ireland and Uisge Beatha in Scotland with both names meaning “Water of Life”. The names where later shortened to just Uisce/Uisge and then anglicized to whisky.

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