Photos: A Vinka Treat at Ciroc Pop Nights


Vinka shocks fans and guests with hidden mixologist talent at Ciroc Pop Nights

Friday night at Guvnor was not business as usual in the drinks department that saw party animals treated to a different type of night as self-proclaimed  ‘BossManJah,’ Vinka  was not only the nights headlining act but also the mixologist.

The Dancehall star who was the guest entertainer at event dubbed Ciroc Pop Nights showed fans that she is indeed a multi-talented woman with skills that go far beyond her performances on stage.

Revellers watched the artist man the bar with such effortless grace like she had been practicing the art of ‘mixology’ for a long time, leaving many impressed and labouring to get a hold of the creative cocktail she had made.

The night was also complimented with epic DJ mixes from Guvnor’s very own senior party troops like DJ Dash and DJ Baby Luv who rallied up their party animals and had the crowds dancing in tune to the beat of the music all night long.

‘Ciroc Pop Nights captures  moments where people celebrate achievements, be it short term or long term and tonight we shared this experience with Vinka on board making it worth our while,’ said Annette Nakiyaga, Head of Luxury Portfolio, UBL.

The Ciroc Pop Nights are a monthly event that started out in May this year where party folk are treated to a night of different and fresh new signature cocktails. The high-end celebration vodka is widely known to attract senior life eaters who are out to go wild and spend money all night long.


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