Phaneroo to celebrate seven years of existence

Defining The Times: Seven Years Of A Glorious Journey--The Phaneroo Experience

Phaneroo. Depending on whom you ask about this ministry that has, in only seven years, confounded expectations, defied conventional wisdom and consumed the nation, you are likely to elicit the polar responses of a) it’s just a flash in the pan riding the current wave of youthful exuberance or b) a ministry at the heart of an incredible move of God in these defining times.

Again, depending on which side of the parapet you are sitting on, to get a fair picture of this ministry, you can’t escape asking a few questions: what then is Phaneroo? what is their strategy? what is the secret to their exponential growth? what drives this ministry?

What is Phaneroo?

Phaneroo is a non-denominational faith-based ministry that believes in and fervently teaches on the transformative power of the Word of God. The ministry envisions transforming individuals, nations and the entire world with the Word of God. The ministry’s name is derived from the Greek word that translates as, to bring forth to manifestation that which exists but is not seen.

For example, if like in Mark 16:17-20, the bible speaks of miracles, signs and wonders as things that should follow them that believe in God, then as Christians we ought to walk in this truth. Similarly, if the bible speaks of the Word of God as a cleanser of men (Ephesians 5:26), then we ought to unwaveringly believe that indeed a person can be fully transformed if given the right teaching based on biblical truths.

As the Vision Bearer of the ministry, Apostle Grace Lubega puts it, at Phaneroo we believe in the integrity of the Word of God and as such we labour to raise the holistic Christian—distinctive in the knowledge and wisdom of God and by extension, ably demonstrative of His power.

The vision bearer – Apostle Grace Lubega

God Our Strategy and Secret

In the corporate world, strategy is what underpins the vision of an institution and thus determines the tactics/approaches for achieving objectives. In other words, success is hinged on the clarity of strategy and execution thereof. Success, therefore, is not coincidental.

That said, because the bible is quite categorical on the inherent power of the Word of God to produce results, Phaneroo’s strategy is and has always been to diligently point Christians to this infallible truth. We devoutly teach biblical principles, patterns and laws such that a Christian is equipped to build a personal and intimate relationship with God. This is deeper than just knowing about God, it is knowing Him experientially.

Such a one is not merely a good Christian but also a role model in the community. Their mannerisms, worship, understanding of God, demonstration of His power and the wisdom they exhibit attest to one who knows their God.

The Unprecedented Growth Explained

God is very deliberate and purposeful in His work and timing. It is therefore not coincidental that the inaugural Phaneroo service was held on the 7th August (2014). In biblical numerology, the numbers seven and eight carry particular spiritual significance—seven is the number of completeness and perfection while eight signifies a new beginning.

The Phaneroo Gulu Crusade held in 2020

In just under three years, the ministry changed venue four times to accommodate the exponential growth in congregant numbers. The inaugural service, at the Theatre Labonita, couldn’t accommodate actual attendance on the day—over one thousand people crammed into the venue with several hundreds in the overflow. The MTN arena and UMA multi-purpose halls were not any different hence the move to an open-air fellowship at the UMA upper grounds where average attendance was ten thousand persons.

Phaneroo held the largest women’s conference in the country

As the Vision Bearer, Apostle Grace states it, in typical humility, this unprecedented growth— the first of its kind in this country and region—can only be attributed to the move of God. We believe God has a covenant with this country and it’s His doing that we see a generation of men and women hungry for His Word.

God is bottomless. And in these defining times, He is up to something; we cannot rest on our laurels and risk getting content: there is more, we want more; and we believe He shall liberally and lavishly provide for the growth of His church. Our responsibility to the world, therefore, as a ministry is very simple: preach truth in its purity. And that’s exactly what we do every day!

The Groundbreaking Experiences

The spiritual world is a veiled world but God, in His grace and mercy, has promised to show us things to come because it is His desire that nothing catches us unaware. However, the unveiling of things depends on our relationship with Him.

Long before COVID struck, the ministry started livestreaming its service online. And over the course of five years, expanded its online platforms and perfected its craft in online ministry. Then COVID struck; and completely transformed evangelism. So, while most churches were adapting to the sudden change in status quo, Phaneroo seamlessly blazed a familiar trail.

The Men Gather conference was live-streamed in over 50 countries

About four years ago, the Phaneroo App was born—a one-stop source of daily devotions, hundreds of sermons, player platform etc. Not only was this a revolutionary innovation, it brought the Word of God to our fingertips. Now, one can enjoy a life transforming sermon while stuck in traffic, in office, on a flight, while working out etc.

In line with its vision and mandate for the world, the Phaneroo fire is all-consuming, without any signs of abating; sweeping all corners of the world digitally. Presently, it broadcasts to a worldwide audience on God TV, across the African continent on TBN Africa, across Europe on Faith World TV and multiple national TV stations including TBN UK, Calvary TV (India), Urban TV and Lighthouse TV (Uganda), BTN TV (Rwanda) and BETV (Burundi).

Even in the prisons, Phaneroo has an active presence–currently, 12 prisons across Uganda. Through this initiative, the ministry has provided basic needs, legal aid services and greatly contributed to the rehabilitation of ex-convicts.

So, as Phaneroo celebrates its seventh anniversary, entering into its 8th year on the 7th August 2021, not only should we look at the pace-setting accomplishments of the ministry to believe God is at the heart of this movement, we do good to position ourselves for His next move. After all, eight symbolizes a new beginning and more than ever, God is up to something.

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