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‘People will keep talking as we make our dreams come true’ – SK Mbuga

Tycoon SK Mbuga resumes office work after a week of speculation about his business dealings

Tycoon Sulaiman Kabangala Mbuga aka SK Mbuga is back to work after a week of speculation surrounding his business dealings. SK Mbaga told this website that he has been away on a business trip abroad as he continues to build his business empire.

SK Mbuga resumed office work today

The tycoon was pictured at his office today morning as he resumed his duties. He accused Ugandans of misusing social media.

“Social Media in Uganda needs to be shutdown like it is in China. People have resorted to posting all sorts of trash aimed at tarnishing those working hard to achieve their dreams. I advise Ugandans to get down to  work rather than wasting time on social media posting false news about those working to achieve their dreams,” SK Mbuga said.

Artistic impression of SK Mbuga’s new office block in Kizungu Makindye

“Those who said we were arrested are ashamed because we are here, Uganda needs people who work, that’s when we will get out of this poverty mess other than talking of falsehood only,” he added.

Mbuga has struck a lucrative business deal with fellow tycoon Jack Pemba. Mbuga posted the picture of the two together after the deal was sealed with words “Deal done”.

“Let us get back to work. People will keep talking as we are making our dreams come true,” SK Mbuga posted as he resumed his office duties today.

Jack Pemba with SK Mbuga after sealing a business deal

In a related development, the tycoon is setting up a state of the art office block in Kizungu, Makindye. The construction works on the building have already started and once complete, it will be the best in the area and one of the best in Kampala.

RIP; AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi

Meanwhile the tycoon has described the fallen Police Spokesperson AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi as a brother to him. “I will surely miss him, he was like a brother to me, Uganda has truly lost a dedicated servant who loved his job and will truly be missed by the entire nation,” SK Mbuga said. “Every moment in life is a step towards death, RIP my hommie,” SK Mbuga posted.

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