Pearl Dairy Limited (Lato Milk) launches initiative to offer free medical surgeries to disabled children in Uganda

Pearl Dairy Limited, through the LATO Milk Brand, have launched an ambitious project to provide medical and corrective surgery to differently-abled children in Uganda. A study done in Uganda discovered that over 1.4 million children are living with some form of disability and face discrimination and marginalization in society.

Partnering with various organizations, LATO Milk launched ‘Lato Help Pack,’ to raise funds to provide free medical surgeries for children in a bid to give them another chance to live normal lives. All the gross proceeds net of taxes of the ‘Lato Help Pack’ will go towards the surgeries, to be undertaken at the UMC Victoria Hospitals. So whatever the consumer pays for these packs 100% goes for the cause.

The First phase of the project which started in October 2018 and which will run for 12 months is targeted to raise funds to perform at 150 surgeries, of which 20 surgeries have already been successfully done. The children are carefully selected by a team of experts after a pre- screening exercise. The selected children are then examined by medical teams to determine the severity of the conditions. An independent governing committee is in place to identify the needy children through a set criterion to make sure that only the needy cases are selected.

The ‘Lato Help Pack’ comes in a Tetra Fino® Aseptic 500 ml package is available in various retail partners across Uganda. The retail stores have agreed to sell the pack at no additional cost or profit margin of their own. The pack is available at Best Buy, Tusky’s, Shoprite, Outlet Freedom City, Master Supermarket, Mega Standard, Millennium Supermarket, Fraine Supermarket, Shax Extra and Quality Supermarket
The contribution of the partner’s right from packaging and distribution of Lato Help Packs to the corrective treatment, is vital for the success of the project. The partners include Tetra Pak Limited, UMC Victoria Hospital, Madhvani Foundation, Alliance Media and Graphic Systems.

Lato Help initiative is now appealing to the public to buy Lato Help packs in large numbers to help achieve the objective. Lato Milk hopes that this project will give disabled children a chance to relive their dreams. By uniting partners, Lato Milk aims to inspire other companies and organizations to work towards the betterment of the community.

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