Patricia Ssewungu adopts needy girl, takes charge of her school fees

Patricia Ssewungu, the author of A Piece of Cake book has become the latest celebrity to show her good heart to a need girl. She has adopted the girl  identified as Desire Ayebare who is in P7 and works to pay for her school fees. Patricia found Desire Ayebare at Makerere University selling water and she will now take charge of her school fees for as long as God permits.

Patricia Ssewungu with Desire, the girl she has adopted

Patricia Ssewungu with Desire, the girl she has adopted

“I found this young girl called Desire yesterday at Makerere university selling water…she sold me water and then she was like Aunt you are so beautiful and kind…can we please become friends. I picked interest in her boldness straight away…I invited her into the car and we got talking. She is in P7 but works to pay her fees. I gave her the school fees for next term and she went home. Her mum brought her back to me thinking she had stolen the money fortunately they found me where she left me, I spoke to her mum at length and am going to pay her school fees from today hence forth for as long as God permits. Moral of this story. Our characters can pave way for us…this little girl all it took her was her personality and good manners and approach. I have resorted to helping such individuals than big charities because most of the times things don’t get to the right cause. Nothing is impossible,” Patricia posted on her wall.

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