Pastor Ssempa, Keko And Sheebah In Twitter War

The gay war between Pastor Martin Ssempa and singers Sheebah Karungi and Keko has reached its boiling point after a hit exchange earlier this week on Twitter.

Keko and Sheebah Karungi
Keko and Sheebah Karungi

Sheebah on Monday busted Pastor Ssempa on twitter after he had ruled that she and Keko need counseling. Keko first asked the pastor when the following prayer session was going take place. From then, a hot exchange followed thus:

He replied saying “Good … how about counseling for you and Sheebah?
@KEKOTOWN: @martinssempa pastor when is the next prayer session. Trust me I love to pray”.Pastor Ssempa

Pastor Ssempa

The ‘Twesana’ singer replied immediately saying: @martinssempa Please avoid my name in your conversations. …I don’t need your counseling, get a life please.

Keko followers on Twitter had already reported to Ssempa how Keko had uploaded a photo wearing a jumper with readings ‘BOY’ & guys ‘BOOT’. With this, Pastor Ssempa had to ask the Hip Hop star:

“Are you ashamed or proud of being a girl? But Keko didn’t answer back. Keko and Sheebah, who are intimately close have rarely been seen flirting with men. We should remember that for a long time Pastor Martin Ssempa has been an Anti-Gay activist in the country and was voted as the most influential clergy in Uganda.


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