Pastor Deborah Mbuga, a Teacher of the Word, Counselor and one of the Hosts of the Women Mentoring Conference this weekend

Pastor Deborah Mbuga, a Teacher of the Word, Counselor and one of the Hosts of the Women Mentoring Conference this weekend

With the much anticipated “Virtuous Woman Conference”; a women mentoring convention, here is one of its hosts, a true lesson in virtue, as she paints a picture of who a virtuous woman is as explained by Proverbs Chapter 12, verse 4 in the Holy Bible and what we ought to expect from the conference. The conference is set to be held on 2nd and 3rd of April at UMA Multipurpose Hall Lugogo with other Hosts such as Bishop Isaiah Mbuga of Christ Heart and Apostle Grace Lubega of Phaneroo fellowship.

  1. In your opinion, how would you define a virtuous woman?

To me, a virtuous woman is one with an excellent spirit. She is morally upright and admirable. Her behavior and character is formed and grounded on the principles of Jesus Christ and the church.  She honors God, is kind, gentle, industrious and loves people.

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  1. What can you tell us about Christ’s Heart Church?

Christ’s Heart Church is an outstanding ministry that believes in raising men and women who are ready to serve in the contemporary world with reverence to God. We believe in raising leaders that are well equipped to impact this generation and the generations to come. We have been eight years on this journey so far and are still going strong.

  1. How has or how can a women’s ministry impact the lives of different women known to you?

The women’s ministry has and will continue to impact women in their spiritual and physical lives. Prayer lives have made much progress, identities have been realigned, many marriages that were off the hook have been restored back on course,  moral character built and skills like cooking been instilled.

  1. What is unique about the Virtuous Women’s Conference?

The major unique aspect is having men and women share personal and insightful life experiences. We give priority to connecting with people and realigning their destinies and helping them realize their greatest potential.

  1. What can we expect from the conference?

We are expecting great things to happen in this conference such as restoration and healing of wounded lives and relationships, empowerment, wise counsel on issues such as spiritual growth, family life and business.

It is going to be big- with a big heart constrained by love!! It’s going to be big for God!  We are going to experience Him.

  1. What special message can you send to men and women out there in anticipation of the conference?

I call upon men and women to be constrained by the love of Jesus Christ as a foundation for the well being of our generation and the generations to come.

Who is Pastor Deborah Mbuga?

Deborah Mbuga is the second child of the late Mr. Charles Mutumba and Mrs. Sarah Mutumba. She committed her life to Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and savior while in secondary school and has since walked this journey of life with Him.

Deborah holds a master’s degree in Education Leadership from Walsh University, USA, has post graduate training in Special Educational Needs from Kingston University, UK, University of San Diego USA and a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Makerere University Uganda.

Over the years, she has worked as a teacher and administrator in schools in Uganda, Kenya, UK and USA.  She is currently working as a teacher at Heritage International School in Kampala.

Deborah is happily and graciously married to Bishop Isaiah Mbuga and they have three (3) lovely spirited biological children: Ruth, Adonai and Daniel Mbuga and numerous spiritual children. Deborah together with her husband Bishop Isaiah Mbuga oversee Christ’s Heart Ministries International where the renown Phaneroo Fellowship submits.

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