Party Gal Shantal Hits Out At Celebrities Over Children Neglect

Party Gal Shantal Hits Out At Celebrities Over Children Neglect

City socialite and glamour gal Shantal Rugby has no kinds words for the so called local celebrities. Shantal RubyShantal Ruby

After numerous accusations from ex lovers of city celebrities like Omulangira Ssuuna, Kalifa Aganaga to mention but a few over child neglect, the glamour gal was quick to go onto her Facebook page and hit out at the celebrities who neglect their children from previous relationships.

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She told them off, “If you know your allergic to condoms and you like tubeless stuff then handle the out maturely,”.Hit out at celebrities: Shantal RubyHit out at celebrities: Shantal Ruby

Below is what she posted on her Facebook page edited because we could not include some of the words here; Shantal Ruby Lovezvybzkartel Knowles:  Looks like most of these so-called ”celebs” are allergic to condoms, smh! We get it, U already know you are ‘dead’, so that is why f**ck live, But then why cant u handle the outcome? Your penis is in every vagina yet you can’t pay child support?  What a bunch of losers! And these women, why f**ck these good for nothing wannabe celebs live? Ngu ‘we used to enjoy blossom love” Hehe you will learn a lesson or two, anti you like that hype, ”celeb galfriend/babymama”. 

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