Partiers excited about Thursday Band Night at Rock Bar

Partiers excited about Thursday Band Night at Rock Bar

There is not much happening around town on Thursdays but you have to give it to the management of Rock Bar for designing their Thursday Night.

News coming in has it that their famous Thursday Band Night has been revamped. The night famed for its eclectic performances has gotten new additions.

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The lineup recently got better. Yet starting this week, the set is becoming even more diverse in terms of performances. From the very entertaining Congolese vocalist, who sings as well as he dances Lingala, to a number of really talented female and male vocalists. A revamp was, according to sources at Rock Bar, done in the sound as well.

And courtesy of this, a substantial sect of the Kampala partiers are excited about the event. Many have since posted about the new establishments at the event, and how they can’t wait to be there.

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