Parliament to investigate and arrest people creating lists of “SURES”

Parliament of Uganda is set to investigate the people behind releasing of ‘Sures’ lists which started in Mbarara town. This was after Hon. Mwine Mpaka the Western Youth MP got to the floor of Parliament and informed the house about the scandal that has seen so many ladies’ and gentlemen’s right to privacy violated as their numbers are being shared under the impression that they are sures.

The first list contained contact details of ladies’ names who were referred to as ‘sures’, a slang to mean ladies you can easily hook up with. When the lists of females made rounds in various WhatsApp groups and on Twitter, a second list containing phone numbers of men was released claiming that sures are not only ladies and that there are men who are sures.

In Mbarara, a one Dely Derrick is already in Police custody and is suspected to have created the list.

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