Panic and fear in Kira as former mayor Mamerito survives assassination

Panic and fear in Kira as former mayor Mamerito survives assassination

Residents of Kira Division in Wakiso district are in shock and fear as former Mayor Mamerito Mugerwa survived assassination attempt by a whisker.

The former mayor and staunch NRM supporter was attacked last night at 10pm at his gate and was shot on the head. Luckily enough it was not so bad and was rushed to hospital where he is currently receiving treatment.

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Mamerito was shot last night at his home's gate

Mamerito was shot last night at his home’s gate

“I freaked out guys, I heard the gun shot at 10pm then afternoon 10 minutes, Police arrived and literally heard three gun shots like so near our home. They didn’t take anything from; they just shot him and left. Police was all over the place thereafter,” a neighbour said.

In the same area, a one Jesse was also last night attacked as he returned home.  He was severely beaten and his car, a Toyota Kruger UAY 477D was stolen by the assailants.

“We have managed to secure him to hospital.  Car stolen UAY 477D has been taken. Kindly put it on all social media site with a number may be we can help. Crazy and scary night it was. Jesse got serious injuries, a crack and a clot. It’s bad, he needs prayers and he is at Nakasero Hospital,” a friend said.

The two incidents left people in the area in fear and panic as no arrests have been made. No clues on why and who was responsible for the attacks.

We are going into the festive season, let us be careful when moving at night. Thieves are on the loose.

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