Pan African Movie Industry launched- Afrowood is here!

Pan African Movie Industry launched- Afrowood is here!

The Black Wall Street (BWS) has launched what is expected to be the biggest Pan African movie industry, Afrowood that will rival and certainly outcompete Hollywood and Bollywood in just a matter of years.

The Black Wall Street’s Afrowood will run under the organization’s Content Production Hub, and will see thousands of African youths earn a minimum of UGX1 million a month.
Afrowood will be based in Buzinga, an upscale Kampala, Uganda suburb.

Unlimited Internet - Uganda

Founder King Charles explained: “We are beginning a massive ebooks and videos production hub in Buziga, Uganda.
Personnel working and earning income from there will surpass 2,000 people.”

He added that entire premises are all set for team meetings, creative planning, auditioning among other things.
“We are ready,” King Charles roared.
He said interviews for directors, story tellers, writers, models, actors and actresses, photographers, props and makeup professionals are going on.

“Content coming from here must rival and surpass both Hollywood and Bollywood as we welcome Afrowood,” King Charles stressed.

Afrowood will kick off with a docu-series titled Vices That Ruin series.

This will be stories under 28 Themes of of people who have underwent vices that ruined their lives.

The Vices are;

1) How Prostitution Ruined Me

2) Curiosity led me to violent rape

3) Defrauded through Love
4) My experience with homosexuality.
5) A world of Sugar Daddies
6) Friends, drinks and drugs
7) From bright student to armed robbery.
8) Love of fame led me to HIV.
9) Dangerous obsession with social media fans.
10) How I became a Con Artist
11) Prison, an experience I couldn’t wish on my worst enemy.
12) The lie of travelling to Dubai for work.
13) I sold drugs until drugs sold me.
14) Alcohol Ruined My Penis
15) My quest for a bigger bum
16) Becoming a Toy Boy For Money.
17) Obsession with clothes and Fashion.
18) Can’t get enough of Food.
19) Pick Pocketing and the loss of my limbs.
20) Short cut led to short life of my twin.
21) The underground life of female hostels
22) Sex for examination marks
23) How my boyfriend turned me to a cocaine pusher.
24) The lure of white men
25) Village Was Much better
26) Rudeness caused my paralysis.
27) Lies are truly like pregnancy
28) The pain of single motherhood.

Here, people with such stories will come and tell them.
Detectives will then verify the stories and writers will then develop their stories, editors edit, directors plan shoots and models with photographers can shoot the stories, create advertisements for each book and then publish through the Production Hub.
King Charles added: “We will be publishing 100 jobs per week, every new week in Afrowood through the job portal of the Black Wall Street Compassionate Capitalism Platform.”

Some of the jobs include; Story Tellers, Writers, Models, Photographers, Make-up artists, Props managers, Graphic designers, Voicing and Narration, Legal agreements and copyright filings, Editors, Actors and Actresses, Agents, Ebook platform integrators, Lighting and Sound engineers, Costume designers, Location and Transportation logistics managers among others.
This could be your chance of a lifetime. Watch this space!

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