Oryema Shines In Real Estate Business

Kampala Property Agents Managing Director Denis Oryema Olyeko is all smiles after excelling in property business The Real Estate Business.Real Estate dealer; Oryema Dennis OlyekoReal Estate dealer; Oryema Dennis Olyeko

He is one of the top guys in property business in the country. Oryema is a person who can evaluate a property than measuring a tape measure. He can just see a property and can just know how much its worth is by a mere look.Real Estate dealer; Oryema Dennis Olyeko (1)He is a very busy person and a well known person in this country. Oryema has a superior reputation and can give advice concerning real estate both here and upcountry as he has convinced many in and around Kampala.Real Estate dealer; Oryema Dennis Olyeko (2)He is one of a kind with issues concerning real estate and many people seek advice from him in this field of business. He holds a title of commissioner in real estate because he earns through commissions.

You can reach Denis Oryema for business at or call him on +256702311111 or +256752634641

Real Estate dealer; Oryema Dennis Olyeko (3)

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