Onto the Next for Solomon Serwanjja after 6 years with NBS Television

Onto the Next for Solomon Serwanjja after 6 years with NBS Television

To many, Solomon Serwanjja is a role model, one who has helped Ugandans understand national issues better through his well-crafted, amazing investigative stories. But to the media world, he is driven, passionate, dogged, and fearless just like the judges of the ACME described him in 2017 while he was being awarded the Exceptional Journalism Award.

Serwanjja has borne witness to Uganda and East Africa’s biggest news events for more than 10 years but his enthusiasm for investigative journalism is undiminished.

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One of the best propellers for his growth has been the outstanding growth of NBS Television. NBS Television has over the years strategically positioned itself in the market, attracting top partnerships from across the world, including with the BBC, with whom they worked for Serwanjja’s finest work yet – “Stealing from the Sick,” which earned him the most prestigious award for an African journalist, the 2019 BBC Komla Dumor Award.

Over the years, NBS Television has cemented its stand in the media world by souring heights others have only dreamt about. Phrases like King of Live, Content King and Political Command Centre, one would think, have all been a result of that strategic planning and implementation, not luck. According to the reputable research firm, IPSOS, NBS Television stands at 7.8 households in every 10 relying on them for live broadcasts, which is their niche.

31st July is Solomon’s last day as an NBS Television employee, where he has dedicated his extraordinary career reporting on issues such as the “Dark World of Drugs,” “Kifeesi: The Gang Terrorizing Kampala,” “The COVID-19 Money Trail” to the earlier mentioned award-winning BBC Stealing from the Sick,” among others.

It’s not for his looks that he will be remembered but rather his ethical and empathetic style of investigative journalism; a craft he continues to pursue even after active news anchoring.

What next for the Naguru-based Political Command Centre? One of their power moves is having the best in the industry and they’re not shy about that. Who is next on the list to join the now go-to channel for current affairs news in Uganda? A big move to be announced soon?

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