On the Day of the African Child, Learner’s Booklets launched to help children protect themselves from violence and conflict

On the Day of the African Child, Learner’s Booklets launched to help children protect themselves from violence and conflict

As Uganda celebrates the Day of the African Child (DAC), Learner’s Booklets that will help children protect themselves from all forms of violence, conflict and disasters have been launched by the Government of Uganda.

The child-friendly Learners’ Booklets provide children with information, knowledge and skills in preventing conflict, violence and disasters in their schools and communities.

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“These booklets are a great resource for children to learn about their rights and, importantly, the actions they can take to protect their rights,” stated Ms. Aida Girma, UNICEF’s Representative in Uganda. “We encourage all children to study these booklets so they can gain key knowledge that will help them better protect and secure a better future for themselves,” she added.


With the theme of ‘Protecting children’s rights: A call to action’, the Day of the African Child this year is bringing attention to the damage that violence, conflict and disasters inflict on children.

The first booklet that was launched is the ‘Say No To Violence’ learner’s booklet. Considering the often devastating impact violence has on children, the booklet equips children with tips to identify acts of violence, report on the acts to authorities and, ultimately, help put an end to the violence they experience.

The second booklet, ‘Know your risk! Prepare to Act,’ equips children with the necessary information, knowledge and skills to prevent conflict, violence and disasters like floods, fire, strong winds, lightening, earthquakes, landslides and droughts. The booklet also provides children with information on how to identify risks and what they can do to help themselves and others from harm.

During today’s commemorations in Masaka, a space for children to read the booklets and interact with each other about them has been established.  Copies of the booklets have also been made available to all children and their teachers at the event.

Today, 40 percent of children in Uganda suffer from physical violence; 2.4 million children are engaged in exploitative child labour; more than half of 15-19 year old adolescent girls have experienced physical or sexual violence and corporal punishment remains rampant in schools.

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