Ogelle launches in Uganda, set to also open Kampala offices

Ogelle, an online resource user generated content platform has launched in Kampala Uganda.

Ogelle showcases 100% African content including especially entertainment which includes Film, Music, comedy, Tourism, cuisine, vacation, news, lifestyle and a community blog that presents a great avenue for Africans to shares exciting videos. (You can call it the YouTube for Africans).

Recently at music concerts or festivals, most revellers take strategic positions to capture these moments and have them posted on their social media platforms but now they have another option in Ogelle which can them some dollars.

The good news is sharing of these videos is no longer just for fun. You can now earn from them as well thanks to the newly launched online resource and entertainment User Generated Content platform, Ogelle.

Ogelle will pay for every content that exceeds 1000 views as long as it is produced in line with its partner program.

Focusing on 100% African content from Films, Music, Comedy, Tourism, Cuisine, Vocation, Lifestyle and Community blogging, this content will be made available around the globe, providing producers a global voice and to lovers of African content a platform that presents world-class content that is rich in our customs and traditions, bold, diverse and globally appealing. This exposure will be in addition to being paid for this content.

For each content posted on Ogelle, you will receive $20 per 1,000 views, $100 per 10,000 views, $1000 per 100,000 views, $5000 per 500,000 and $10000 per 1,000,000 views.

The maximum pay-out point is $10000 per 1,000,000 views. This is a package for single creators, who make one off or different contents not in seasonal forms and not frequently.

The other package purposely for the Ogelle Ambassadors will see creators earn as much as $12000.

This package is an elite partnership program for frequent content creators and celebrities who have at least one (1) million followers and above on all their social media platforms

For this category of partnership, we Ogelle pays slightly higher for views; $6000 for 500,000 views and $12000 for 1,000,000 views.

To qualify for any of the packages, you must be a registered user on Ogelle. Your content must also meet its policies; original and creative content; all content from Films, Music, Comedy, Vocation, Culture & Tourism, Lifestyle etc must be African and suitable for 13+ and no pornography.

“You must click monetize content during registration or send us an email after registration indicating you intend to monetize your platform. Any content you monetize must remain on our platform for at least 12 months but may not be exclusive to us meaning you are free to take your content elsewhere why it’s running on our platform,” said Osita Oparaugo, the founder and CEO at the launch of the platform at Hilton Garden Hotel, Kampala last week.

Whereas its founder is a Nigerian, the platform has its headquarters in Kigali, Rwanda with bases in over 10 African countries. Kampala is the latest and offices will be launched opened soon.

“With Ogelle, content creators in Africa now have a platform they can call their own while lovers of African content now have a one stop platform for unlimited entertainment that is 100% African.”

To make their platform known, Ogelle has already signed Ugandan /Rwandese top African model, entrepreneur, lifestyle coach and philanthropist Judith Heard as its latest latest Ambassador.

Signing ceremony took place on 22nd November 2019 in Kampala.

Also comedians Madrat and Chikko have been signed up to push Ogelle brand.

To connect and upload your content, log onto and get their app from Google Play and App Store.

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