Odrek Rwabwogo lectures employees on effective communication

Odrek Rwabwogo lectures employees on effective communication

Tomosi Group chief, Odrek Rwabwogo held lecturing lessons at Tomosi Group headquarters in Luzira. Odrek tackled the issue of effective communication which he said is very key for any business to prosper.

The monthly sessions are also aimed at giving employees capacity to compete well on the market and know well the product and services they sell. He urged the staff members to always practice effective communication because it is a key component of effective work.

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“Our second Tomosi Group monthly session on communication at our Luzira headquarters ended well this morning. These are leadership and communication training seminars to build our teams’ capacity to compete on the market and to be able to understand the products and services we sell. We were joined with honor by the staff of Covenant Nations church team in this session. I thank our corporate services division, The TERP group and all our units for sponsoring these important sessions,” Odrek Rwabwogo.

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