Nyonta Relief launched at Kampala Serena Hotel

A campaign aimed at providing clean and safe water to children and mothers to avert deaths caused by dirty water was last evening launched at Kyoga Hall, Kampala Serena Hotel by Chris Matabi.

As a way of providing for the community, Chris started Nyonta Relief with the aim of planting 3.3 million fruit trees for cleaning drinking water in 3.3 million families starting with urban slums.

Nyonta Relief Life Ambassador, Jackie Rwivanga who was among the dignitaries at the launch, said, having the power to change the well-being of other people is a privilege that comes with a special kind of obligation.

Taking necessary steps towards those strong feelings of responsibility is a huge self- empowerment and fulfillment of one’s personal values and desire to live in a way that is true to their own moral beliefs.
Today, like yesterday, atleast 33 children in Uganda will lose life to diarrhea from drinking contaminated water (According to UNICEF).

In a country where 60% of the population have no access to safe water, boiling drinking water and buying bottled water is too common, infact, far too common to forget that the capacity to do so is a privilege that many families around us cannot afford.

Nyona Relief, a local not for profit organization with a mission to wind-down child death by water borne diseases has embarked on a campaign to create anti33, a social class of people who feel a moral obligation to cause an end to child death by preventable water borne diseases in Uganda.

In the campaign, one will acquire ‘Nyonta Tree For Life’ (NTFL) kit which will also be your ticket to joining the anti33 Club. The kit comprises of a fruit tree which must be nurtured to full growth to serve as a daily reminder of ones action towards their moral beliefs of helping others in need, a beautiful indoor/ desk- top cactus/succulent plant which stays as one’s social capital and an elegant black T-shirt bearing the number of your tree.

The money they receive from kit sales is used to purchase water filters that instantly purifies water, making it safe for human consumption.
At the end of this campaign, 3.3 Million house-holds will have received safe drinking water and 3.3 Million fruit trees will be planted.

The campaign was launched today Friday 23rd August 2019, at Serena Hotel Kampala, graced by the presence of The Queen of Buganda and several invited executives in an evening tea presentation setting, our humble wish to you is to partner with us by obtaining a NTFL kit.
Every NTFL kit costs 330,000 Uganda shillings and purifies 1 litre of water per minute.

Ms. Rwivanga, called on more Ugandans to join the campaign. For more log onto

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