Nyege Nyege 2016 goes down as one to be remembered

Nyege Nyege 2016 goes down as one to be remembered

Partying on the Nile as thousands attend the 3-day festival

Ugandans are generally known as fun loving party animals who can whip up the mother of all parties for even the most ridiculous reason. We simply the epitome of a country that loves to party.

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The Nyege Nyege International Music Festival 2016 or the Nyege Nyege festival as is popularly known is a festival that brings together hundreds of performers from all over the world in what is now being dubbed the biggest East African Party of the year. From 2nd  to 4th September, all roads led to Jinja in Eastern Uganda for the mother of all musical parties in the name of performances running from Friday all the way to Sunday.


With music genres including Kuduros, Kwaito, Afro house, Hiplife, Tuareg Rock, Cosmic Synths from Niger, Arab Tech, Moroccan bass, Zouk bass, Soukous, Balani, Funana, and Swhaili trap as well as Tigrinian blues, there was no shortage of musical variety.


While the musical festivities carried on, the revelers indulged in several activities including poetry, games, boat rides and art.

For those who opted to indulge in the drinks section, there was more than enough to cover everyone. From the renowned Bell Lager to the iconic Guinness all the way to East African favorite Tusker and the Ugandan darling Uganda Waragi, there was quite a lot to go around. A good number of people were keen to try out the interesting Johnnie Walker based cocktails that were being served and in true spirit, there were several impressed connoisseurs who kept nodding their heads in approval. From the look of things, the cocktails were doing a brilliant job keeping the crowds in high spirits.


While some people were on Stage 1 being swept away by a legendary perfumer, others would be on Stage 2 being blown away by a powerful DJ. Basically, there was something for everyone. Others would then probably be trying out the interesting Johnnie Ginger cocktails that seemed to be a favorite for many people. At the same time, some other folks would be at the Camping area trying to recuperate and perhaps return for what would be another dose of the festival.


If someone had crawled out of the ground in the middle of the festival they would probably not know which country was hosting the festival because there were people from all over the world. As a matter of fact, there were folks from nearly every corner of the world – every country seemed to be well represented either on stage or off stage.


It has now become customary for the Nyege Nyege Festival to have a local movie production and as revelers went about with their partying, the Wakaliwood guys were busy shooting a production; ‘Nyege Nyege island’ – a sequel to last year’s movie that was shot in the same place.


And as if that was not enough, there was quite a lot of interest generated by the various dishes of food that were a celebration of the heritage of East Africa and there were also heads turned in the Kitenge Corner where there were books, handcrafted designs from the region as well as other unique clothing items.

It is safe to say that 2nd-4th September was something surreal for many people because it brought together people from all over the world to appreciate the diversity of East Africa and the world at large.


More likely than not, there will be people taking stories of partying on the Nile when they return to their homes all around the earth. It is safe to say that not only did Ugandans host one of the finest International Music Festivals, we also proved that the world is one big happy family.

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