Nxt Radio looking out for their single listeners in Valentine’s campaign

This year, Nxt Radio is offering their single listeners an answer to the famed song, “Valentine’s is coming, where is your boyfriend/ girlfriend?”

With their “Nxt Valentine’s in the Skyz” campaign, their listeners and viewers get to play “Truth or Dare” for a chance of dinner at Protea Hotel by Marriott Kampala Skyz with a Nxt Radio presenter they have a crush on!

Wined, dined, and star-struck for free all in the same night? Interesting, isn’t it? Even Relationship Twitter would never have been able to top that! The best part? It’s a one-off kind of thing, so if that winner isn’t ready for anything serious, they don’t have to worry about a commitment. (Unless, of course, they’re both looking for love, one thing leads to another and… well, that would be quite the story!)

For a chance to win, call in to ‘The Situationship’ with Posha and Lisa and play a simple Truth or Dare game to enter the draw. The winner of the draw gets to have dinner with their favourite Show Host at Skyz Hotel on Valentine’s Day. Talk about a match made in heaven – quite literally!

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