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NWSC to serve over 341,000 people in Gulu City and surrounding towns

The Government of Uganda through National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) is constructing the Gulu Water Supply and Sanitation project to serve over 341,000 people in Gulu, Karuma, Kamdini, Minakulu, Bobi, Palenga, Koro- Abili and the surrounding areas.

The project will draw water from River Nile at Karuma.

The project encompasses;
•72km bulk water transmission main from Karuma to Gulu.
•30million litres per/day capacity water intake at Karuma.
•10million litres per/day capacity Nile water treatment plant
• No (2) 5.3million litres capacity water reservoirs
•Water Pumping station
•SCADA system for the new plant and supply system
•42 water borne toilets
•Improve access to safe Sanitation to over 170, 000 people.

The civil works at the water intake in Karuma are complete.

Work on the treatment plant, reservoirs and pipeline are expected to commence in June next year will end by June 2023.

During a tour of the project, NWSC MD Dr. Eng Silver Mugisha said that the corporation is working towards 100% water and sanitation for all residents of Gulu City.

“A few years back, our water source Oyitino dam and the taps in Gulu dried up as a result of the extreme weather conditions in the area.
NWSC through GoU support and working with other development partners embarked on plans to boost water supply reliability in the area.” he said

Dr. Silver Mugisha said NWSC is working on both short and long term interventions. The short term interventions already completed include;
•Upgraded Oyitino dam water storage capacity from 2.7B litres of water to now 4.2B litres of water.
•Improvd daily water production from 3million litres of water per day to now 10million litres of water supplied
•Rehabilitated the waste water stabilization ponds
•Constructed a Faecal sludge treatment plant at Cubu
•Upgraded existing sewers and laid new sewer mains in Gulu City
•Upgraded the Oyitino dam pumping system from 5million litres of water pay capacity t

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