NWSC to serve over 170,000 people in Sembabule District

NWSC to serve over 170,000 people in Sembabule District

Sembabule: Following the take over of piped water systems in Sembabule and Mateete towns, NWSC realized that there was an urgent need to improve water supply services and extend piped water to the neighboring areas within Sembabule district.

In addition to the inadequate water produced, the existing systems experienced frequent pipe bursts/leakages, hence interrupting water supply services. During the rainy season, people in unserved areas used to draw water for domestic use from runoff ponds and water vendors sold a jerrycan between Ugx 500 to Ugx 1000.

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To bridge the water supply gap, the Government of Uganda through National Water and Sewerage Corporation has this morning signed an agreement to improve services in Sembabule district.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, NWSC MD Dr. Eng Silver said that the Sembabule water supply improvement project is aimed at improving water supply reliability in the area, increase water production and extend clean water services to a total population of about 170,000 people. This will cater for services upto the year 2040.

Dr. Silver guided the contractor to adhere to the Ministry of Health Standard Operating Procedures, Use local content; both labour and materials in line with the GOU’s BUBU policy. He also guided that works which will take a period of 12 months start immediately.
“The water is needed as soon as yesterday. The contractor should therefore be on site by tomorrow and implement the contract within time and cost,” he said.

Zhonghao Overseas Construction Eng.Co.Ltd representative Wang Feifei pledged to complete the work on time and within cost.
He also made a commitment to follow the BUBU policy during contract implementation.
“We have worked with NWSC to deliver a number of projects in Gulu, Kapchorwa, Bushenyi among others. We promise to deliver a quality project,” he said.

Project Scope
•Rehabilitation and expansion of the Water Treatment plant in Kikoma from the current 300,000ltrs/day to 3,500,000ltrs/day. (This will serve the area upto the year 2040)
•Expansion of the Intake at Kyoja, and upgrading of the 4.1kms raw water pumping main to the Water Treatment Plant from the current 4″ to 8″
•Upgrading of the current 8.6km Drinking Water Transmission Mains from the Water Treatment Plant to the Sembabule Main reservoir from 4″ to 8″
•Expansion of the Water Storage/Balancing Capacity of the Sembabule Main reservoir from 110,000ltrs to 1,000,000ltrs
•Laying of 1.3kms main pipeline of 8″ size from main reservoir to Sembabule town center
•Laying 42kms distribution main from Sembabule town center to Lugusulu via Kyabi,Lutunku and Mbuye trading centers of ranging between 6″ to 3″
•Construction of a boosting Station around Mbuye area
•Installation of 100,000ltr reservoir at Lusheshe hill near Lugusulu
•Installation of 100,000ltrs reservoir at Kyabi
•Laying 9.6kms pipeline from Sembabule town to Kabundi hill

Project Cost
The Project shall cost fourteen (14) Billion Uganda Shillings, financed from NWSC’s internally generated resources and customers who pay water bills on time.

Project Areas

In addition to the currently served parishes, the intended areas to be served by the Sembabule Water Supply Project include the following;

Kyabi, Lutunku, Mbuye, Bisese, Kisekera, Kabulasoke, and the nearby and en route villages in Kawanda Parish, Kanoni, Kabalekera, Karuzire, Keruwambo, Nyakatabo, Kyatukwire, Lugusulu in Lugusulu and the villages en route in Misi Parish, Areas in Kairasha, Mitima and Lwentale parishes all in Lugusulu Sub County.

Kabundi trading centre and the surrounding villages of Bukana, Kiterede, Sozi, Lwamwende A, Lwamwende B, Nakagongo, Katyaza, e.t.c. in Nakagongo Parish, Mateete Sub County

Kikoma Trading Centre in Mabindo Sub County

Mateete System will additionally supply the following areas,

Kasirye, Katimba A, Katimba B, e.t.c in Mateete Rural Parish

Nabiyagi A, Nabiyagi B, Mitete A, Mitete B, Nakaseeta, Lukaka A, Lukaka B, Kalukungu, Kafumu, Kalububu, e.t.c in Mitete Parish.

Nambirizi in Mijwala Sub County and Lwebitakuli will also be served in the near future.

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