NWSC MD shares his experience with Kisubi University Students

National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) Managing Director (MD) Eng. Dr. Sliver Mugisha is truly a responsible man and wishes every Ugandan all the best. This comes after he shared his life and work experience with students of Kisubi University Entrepreneur class.


As a responsible leader, Dr.Eng Silver Mugisha gave a public lecture to Kisubi University Entrepreneurship class students earlier this week. The students at the university called upon the managing director to share knowledge on Entrepreneurship, business and service delivery.


Speaking to the students, Dr.Eng Silver Mugisha shared his passion for mentoring the youth. He went ahead to share various life experiences, how to overcome challenges in life and how to apply knowledge and good ideas to create a change in Uganda.

“Successful people prosper because of good ideas not just money. Always strive to make a difference,” Dr.Eng Silver Mugisha said.

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