NWSC disconnects Rich Gang boss Ivan Semwanga over illegal water use

Rich Gang boss Ivan Semwanga is in trouble with National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) after he was found to be using water illegally.

NWSC engineer disconnects Ivan's home after it was illegally connected
NWSC engineer disconnects Ivan’s home after it was illegally connected

Ground staffs of the water body have discovered Ivan’s house in Munyonyo illegally connected to the water and he has been illegally using it for several years. The news was revealed on the water body’s social media pages as they posted pictures of the posh home and his posh cars as Water engineers entered to disconnect and apprehend the tycoon.


“Our team is unearthing a illegal water connection at this posh house. Customers who steal water deny many deserving customers a right to safe clean water. Customers who pay bills promptly have helped us extend safe water to over 159 towns.  Say No To Illegal Water Use, Blow The Whistle,” NWSC posted. We are yet to establish what NWSC has decided on Ivan’s water illegal connection case.



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