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NWSC completes new 3 year corporate plan

National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) Managing Director, Eng. Dr. Silver Mugisha has revealed  that a three-year new NWSC corporate plan has been completed.

“We have just completed a new 3 year NWSC corporate plan that will focus on Production of Biofuel/Power from the waste water we get,” Silver said.

NWSC is constructing the largest sewage treatment plant in East and Central Africa.  The plant will produce over 630kw according to NWSC.

Meanwhile the Director Commercial and Customer care at NWSC , Mr George Okol, has revealed that the water body will soon launch E-branches. The move is aimed at serving its customers better.

Mr. George Okol added that This F/Y, NWSC has extended over 2000 kms of water mains across the country. “We are working towards 100% service coverage and water for all,” he said.

He said this at UG Thought Leaders Forum 2018.

“The 24 towns in 2013, didn’t reflect the National status of NWSC. The new board, Managing Director and management rolled out a strategic direction aimed at increasing access to water in the country,” Okol said.

He added that NWSC’s mission is to create a long lasting legacy and its goal is to achieve 100% coverage in all its areas of operation.

“In 2013, NWSC was in 24 towns of operation. We are now in over 226 areas of operation. We shall not rest until we achieve safe clean water for all,” George Okol said.


In related development National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) continues to warn the general public against tempering with or bypassing water meters saying it’s a serious offence punishable by the law.

“Theft by tampering with or bypassing water meters not only costs National Water and Sewerage Corporation billions of shillings a year but also imposes a cost on each and every paying customer. Water theft is a serious offence and can result into significant fines as well as criminal prosecution by NWSC”.


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