NTV’s Tinah Teise opens Dots Brand House Ltd

NTV’s Tinah Teise opens Dots Brand House Ltd

NTV Uganda Login Xtra presenter Tinah Teise is flying high after opening up Dots Brand House Limited. The presenter confirmed this through her social media pages telling the story of how she has been working hard to make sure something is done in her life. Dots Brand House Limited deals in different products. Below is her statement introducing the brand house;

“Last year 1st August 2016. I quit my job at a top production house i was working for and with. It was one of the hardest decisions i have ever had to make in my now 25 years that God has let me live this earth. My heart broke. I quit because among other things i was dissatisfied, disgruntled and very demotivated at a job i loved so much but also knew that in order to have the candy shop, i had to let go of the lollipop. I was unemployed from August 2016 up until January 2017 but while on that break, i took time to put to use the things i had learnt from my past 3years of fieldwork as a presenter and production work as a creative.

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Cut the story short, 5 months into the year this ka girl you see in her ka colourful outfit serving happy faces is a CEO and DIRECTOR of her own production house. Fully registered and functioning. A dream i’d like to share with all of you for it’s not mine alone. I was lucky enough to meet people who were as hungry and thirsty to make it work as i and together it’s been an amazing learning journey so far. It’s still a work in progress but i know maama would be proud thus far. Ladies and Gentlemen allow me officially introduce you to my baby DOTS BRAND HOUSE Ltd. Kindly don’t shut the door in my face when i show up at your office with a proposal ready to peach for sponsorship or partnership on any of the products that we are currently producing and yet to create. Our Mantra is “Connecting The DOTS…” I am proof that God is a God of Second Chances, Answered Prayers and Fulfilled Promises. Do not give up on your dream. It is possible! Keep Keeping on. God Bless You. Yours truly, Madam Director,” Tinah Teise posted.

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