NTV Uganda in City clean up

NTV Uganda in City clean up

This Saturday, the Umuganda initiative resumes and will be going to Kisenyi, an urban slum located in the heart of Kampala. The public will gather at Kisenyi Health Centre IV for a day of cleaning. The initiative, supported by Rwandair, NTV Uganda and Monitor Publications Limited (MPL) aims to keep Kampala and surrounding suburbs clean through citizen championed cleaning.


Kisenyi is known for piles of garbage and deplorable health and sanitation conditions. Sewage is constantly flowing next to the shanties that a large number of the slum population call home.

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Kisenyi is also a breeding place for diseases due to the lack of proper sanitation facilities. Many of the slum occupants use hygienically unacceptable waste disposal means such as polythene bags for human and other waste which is then disposed in the drainage.


“The people living in Kisenyi are more disease-prone due to the poor sanitation and garbage disposal practices in the community. We want to change this by teaching them that cleaning can be a collective community responsibility that results in an improvement in living standards. This is also in continuation with NTV’s ‘I Move Uganda’ agenda through which we intend to set the pace in building a better country for ourselves and the generations to come. I call upon the public to join us this weekend,” said Collins Mugume, NTV’s Head of Marketing and Digital.


Umuganda which was launched in June this year is a community cleaning initiative whose philosophy is rooted in the role and responsibility all citizens have to play in keeping their environment clean. This will be the second time the activity takes place after the first one that was held in June in Banda.

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