NSSF releases statement on fire at Workers’ House

NSSF releases statement on fire at Workers’ House

Today at about 17:05 hrs, a fire broke out on the 3rd basement of Workers House on Plot 1, Pilkington Road in Kampala.
We immediately activated our NSSF Disaster Management Plan and evacuated the building.
We confirm that the fire started from a car on the 3rd basement and spread to 2 other cars.
Police Fire Brigade arrived on the scene a few minutes later.

The fire was isolated and controlled in a small spot within a few minutes. Only 3 cars have been affected.
All NSSF staff based at Workers House and all tenants have been accounted for.
We would like to express our appreciation to all our staff and our tenants at Workers House who quickly responded to the alarm and evacuated the building.
We would also like to thank the Uganda Police Fire Brigade who responded quickly and managed to isolate and control the fire in a small spot. Their efforts contained the fire and prevented further damage.
We would like to reaffirm to our tenants, our members and the public that the Fund has put in place adequate measures, as contained in our Disaster Management Plan, at all our facilities to prevent such incidences.
Barbra Teddy Arimi
Head of Marketing & Communications

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