NSSF notifies public of fraudulent third parties targeting members

NSSF notifies public of fraudulent third parties targeting members

Last week, there were media reports about complaints arising from some members of the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) after being robbed by malevolent individuals who claimed they could assist them access their retirement benefits from the fund.

A lady who declined to disclose her identity appeared on one of the city television stations in grief lamenting that she had been robbed by a third party who had undertook to process her benefits on her behalf and unfortunately this was not successful.

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“The fund would like to caution its members against reliance on third parties to process their benefits. Members are further advised that their benefits are protected by the law from being assigned or charged (Section 34(4) National Social Security Fund Act,1985,” Mr. Richard Byarugaba, the managing director NSSF said.

The members who have effectually received their benefits under different fund provisions such as Age, Withdrawal Survivors, Exempted Employment, Invalidity and Emigration benefits haveall dismissed the idea of using a third part to process member’s benefits citing issues of illegalities. These have recommended the current law and the quick automated system used in processing for their benefits.

A third party may only apply in instances when a member is very physically incapacitated or when the member is has passed away. In such instances the Administrator of the member or the next of kin will be guided by the fund on the required documentation to support processing of the benefits.

The Fund therefore, would like to inform all its esteemed members that processing for their retirement benefits is unequivocally free and the fund will not be held liable for any actions arising from the member’s engrossment with third parties in processing their benefits.

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