Nomination of Candidates for Elections of Village Special Interest Groups (SIGs) Committees, 2020

The nomination of candidates for elections of Older Persons, Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) and Youth Committees at the Village/Cell level starts today across the country.

The nomination exercise will be conducted over a period of six (6) days that is, from Wednesday 29th July to Wednesday 5th August 2020 at the respective Sub County/Town Council/Municipal Division headquarters, starting at 9:00am and closing at 5:00pm on each week day.

No nomination fee and academic qualifications shall be required for nomination of candidates for Village/Cell SIGs Committees.

Meanwhile, the Commission has established a National Information/Complaints Desk to handle any inquiries or complaints that may arise during the nomination exercise.

The public will be able to access the Commission for necessary assistance and guidance during the above period using the following toll free numbers:
– 800300121
– 800300122
– 800300123
– 800300125

Campaigns shall be conducted from Thursday 6th to Monday 10th August 2020, and polling for the various SIGs will take place on different dates in August in all the 68,740 (sixty-will eight thousand seven hundred and forty) villages across Uganda.

All persons participating in the nomination exercise shall be required to comply with guidelines issued by the Electoral Commission in accordance with the Government of Uganda and Ministry of Health measures against the spread of COVID-19.

This includes observing social distancing, hand cleaning, and wearing of masks.

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