No.1 Suspect Badman Releases ‘Byansi Ssemwanga’ Video

South African based Uganda singer N0.1 Suspect Badman has released the video of ‘Byansi Ssemwanga’, a song he sang bashing and educating showy Ivan Ssemwanga.NO. 1 Suspect BadmanNO. 1 Suspect Badman

The video was released early this month. The song tells Ivan to behave and act maturely like an adult. The singer says the world is very crazy, small and what you are doing to others today might happen to you tomorrow.

The song’s audio was done by Danro and directed by Nahigombeye Abdoul of Keshy production and Keshy Video Lab (Ltd) did the video. The song has become a hit among the Ugandan community in South African who feel that Ivan disrespects some of them.

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