Ngule sales surpass target

Ngule lager, a beer that was launched in January has surpassed projections within the first three months on the market. The beer is produced by Uganda Breweries Limited (UBL) for Majestic Brands – the investment arm of the Buganda Kingdom.

Peter Mayiga with UBL officials
Peter Mayiga with UBL officials

The announcement was made to members of the press following a guided tour of the Uganda Breweries production plant by the Katikkiro of Buganda, Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga and Nyimpini Mabunda, Managing Director – UBL.

“Having toured the home of Ngule, I am very impressed with the standards and quality assurance measures that have been put in place to ensure that we have a beer that can ably compete on the market. This beer is affordably priced to get more Ugandans to consume formal beer and move them away from illegitimate, poor quality and potentially hazardous alcohol,” said the Katikkiro.


Nyimpini announced that the beer has been an overwhelming success from introduction to market and had exceeded its planned forecast for the launch period. He also mentioned that this success had led to initial production issues due to overwhelming demand, but that the beer was now back in stock. He encouraged trade and consumers to promptly return empties as they purchase Ngule, to allow for swift replenishment.

“Fundamentally, we have a great liquid. Our brewers have developed a great quality and delicious beer that everyone loves. This has been efficiently produced at a very affordable price. It is the lowest priced beer on the market today, thanks to an offer to the consumer from The Buganda Kingdom and Uganda Breweries Ltd. This offer however, is due to end soon and we shall take up the price slightly to better allow us cover the costs of production. We are delivering top notch quality to the consumers at a great price and we intend to be consistent in that respect.”


The beer is made from local ingredients; cassava and sorghum, which are exclusively sourced from the kingdom.

Owekitiibwa Charles Peter Mayiga hailed the farmers within Buganda for responding to the call to grow cassava in order to benefit financially from Ngule. “Buganda Kingdom has a 5 year strategic plan that focuses on leveraging all the kingdom’s resources to lift His Majesty’s people out of poverty. I thank those farmers who heeded our call at the launch to grow cassava. They are already reaping benefits from Ngule. We foresee Ngule being an encouragement to the agriculture sector to become a part of the positive cycle of growth. This will also lead to strengthening of incomes at a household level within the kingdom.”


He thanked the consumers for positively receiving the drink and added that His Majesty’s subjects should drink the beer because other than contributing to the Kingdom’s income and creating jobs for people in Buganda, the kingdom would re-invest its share of revenue into the Kingdom in key areas such as health, education and sanitation.

Nyimpini added that consumers should remember to bring back the bottles so that UBL can make sure their favorite beer is always in stock. He also reiterated the Katikkiro’s call for farmers to grow cassava and supply UBL to produce Ngule.

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