New UBC Board Sets Tough Conditions

The new Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) board has set tough conditions with in they will work with national broadcaster. The board chairman Nabeeta, has written to banks of UBC and frozen all the accounts even the salaries of the workers, and thy want the management to give them office at UBC.


They want UCC to explain to them Digital migration and want to be signatories of UBC accounts. “In my life, i have never seen board members having offices at a corporation even sign cheques, the mistakes the other board that was terminated was doing are the same mistakes the new board wants to start,” a staff member said.

The management of the station headed by Mr Paul Kihika has really streamlined every thing in the right way even reaching to an extent of recovering the land titles but the new board which hasnt come to work looks to be heading in the opposite direction.

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  1. Unfortunately, this story is inaccurate and plays into the hands of the petty politics that continually hampers progress in Uganda. I am on the new Board and can confirm that it is not true that we have frozen accounts nor stopped salary payments. We have also not asked for a permanent office at UBC. The Board Members are all fully and gainfully employed elsewhere and simply cannot spend all their time at the Corporation. UBC has gone three years without a Board of Directors, and so the current changes are expectedly uncomfortable for some people.
    With time, however, everybody will settle down to jointly focus on the objective of making this a national broadcaster to be proud of.
    If you wish to clarify any further stories directly, please email us (my address is easily accessible) so we provide all the answers you may require.

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