New Location: Same Venue For Rema’s Valentines concert

New Location: Same Venue For Rema’s Valentines concert

With Valentines Day hours away, couples are looking out for shows and concerts to celebrate the lover’s day together and Rema’s concert being one of the most sought out, KT events are already looking at a sold out concert and have reconsidered the venue.

Rema took to her social media late last evening to confirm the shift in venue to fans and guests who will be attending the show.

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“Attention ladies and gentlemen. Due to demand, love and support from you my friends, Nile Hall cant accomodate us all (efunze) so Ihave shifted my concert to Hotel Africana,People’s Space…..see you soon my loves,” the songbird shared.

She went on to add that this will be a much more ideal location as it will have bigger space with a gigantic tent to accommodate every one of her guests.

The queen of love ballads also promised fans a magical night through a post she shared online declaring that she has Valentines sorted for all her fans and they should look no further.

The love-attributed concert will have the star share the stage with other artists she has worked with like B2C including Ykee Benda Chris Evans.

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