New Kid On The Block Amstardam To Rock Uganda’s Music Industry With His “Kangende Song”

New Kid On The Block Amstardam To Rock Uganda’s Music Industry With His “Kangende Song”

Amstardam real name is Emmanuel Bbale Mugera was born and raised in Nsambya a Kampala suburb.

Famous for his Kangende song, an emotional love song that he created with a group of friends who shared their love story experiences.

Unlimited Internet - Uganda

Produced by Sula lost Pro at Live the Dream Studio the song has garnered thousands of views online just a few days after its release.

Growing up with his Grand parent, a one Agnes Nakitto after the death of his dear mother Bena Nabukeera in 1998, Amstardam went to a village of schools.


Among them included Railway Primary School Nsambya (2007-2010), Railway Nursery School, St Janan Luwum Kabalagala and Kololo High School were he dropped out shorlty after Senior three(3).

”I was alone and didn’t have any support from family and having grown up on the streets, i decided to quit” He said.


Like almost half of Uganda’s music indutry, Amstardam has it that since childhood, he has had the love and passion for music.

”I started professional recording in 2011 however my first ever single titled ‘She Say’ was released in 2010”

Amstardam attributes his musical genesis to a one ‘Sula Lost’ who offered him free studio airtime in 2010.

With inspiration from Jose Chameleone, Goodlyfe,Bob Marley, Busy Signal and Vybez Kartel, Amstardam also credits singer and writer Daddy Andre.

”Daddy Andre also gave me a hand in the start and i am more than grateful” He said.


Table tennis, also known as ping-pong and whiff-whaff, is a sport that contributed much to Amstardam’s brand.

In 2007, at Sharing Youth Centre Nsambya it’s were it all started and the rest is history according to the dreadlocked singer.

‘I was heading to a cinema hall to watch my favorite movies but suprisingly i ended up at this youth hall practising this game of table tennis’

A year later i became a winner for the ‘Cadets Under 10 Championship in 2008,2009 and 2010 respectively.

Its after these victories that Amstardam i got recognition hence travelling the globe and acquiring scholarships.

Beofre i knew, i had mastered the game and graduated as a coach at Nakasero Table Tennis Club in 2013.

”I am an extremely motivated table tennis coach with a proven track record of bringing the best out of Children”.

On April 6th 2019, under my NGO, we hosted the World Tbale Tennis Day Main event on behalf of the International Table Tennis Federation(ITTF) and some of our members got scholarships.

NGO Work (Advocacy Work)
Amstardam is the founder and head coach of Slum Ping Pong (SPP) a Table Tennis club operating in Nsambya and other cities in Uganda.

”With my kind of work, i get to meet alot of people from all walks of life and this also was another birth of my advocacy side”.

”In 2017, i started my NGO , Slum Ping Pong which teaches Table Tennis, Education, Arts and Sports that brings positive social change amongst youths and children in Slums of Uganda.

My NGo also operates outside of normal school hours and has 7 main coaches
Have also worked with different organisations and brands such as Fling Fire, Owino Market Water Aid, African Hair Magazine as a Model.

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