New England & North eastern Ugandan Community threaten t o boycott UNAA Miami 2017 Convention

New England & North eastern Ugandan Community threaten t o boycott UNAA Miami 2017 Convention

New England and other north eastern Ugandan community have threatened to boycott UNAA Miami convention 2017, we have learned.

According to sources close to the above community, they have stated reasons as to why they might not attend and they include; UNAA’s lack of transparency, lack of vision, cozy relations with Political Parties in Uganda, Failure to follow its constitutions on all levels and failure to connect with those it’s supposed to represent.

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The boycott means and tactics are said to be circulating through other means and forum.

All Bostonian, Rational New Yorkers Rhode Islandians, Connecticut, Main, New Humphire, Vermont, Pennsylvanians and Delwarenian are invited in the boycott.

UNAA President Monday Atigo has not yet commented on the developments.

Meanwhile NRM donation to US associations is now available…Applications for the Second $50,000 UNAA Chapter Development Program (CDP) Fund is now open.

The Ugandan North American Association (UNAA) is pleased to announce that it will award grants from the NRM fund aka Chapter Development Program (CDP) Fund totaling $50,000 in the 2016- 2017 Fiscal Year.

These grants are geared towards those Local Ugandan North American Communities, Cultural Organizations, Associations (“UNAA Chapters and Affiliates”) whose missions, purpose and activities reflect those of UNAA. Grant Applications are welcomed through December 31st 2016.

The Chapter Development Program (CDP) Fund was created with proceeds from NRM funds dispersed through UNAA.

But UNAA leaders denied being funded by NRM. This is what they said, “As UNAA leaders we use our own money to travel on official UNAA duties. The president just came back from Uganda doing UNAA work but he used his own money so please, educate me on how we are getting NRM money. If you are talking about the sponsorship, that money started coming before we took over the affairs of UNAA. When you say we put out the constitution, what do you mean? The UNAA constitution is online. When you talk about putting out the voter’s register, what do you mean? Sorry to disappoint you but we have been supporting Dr. Lukia before we even joined the UNAA leadership. For the record, I am not NRM though I don’t think it would be a problem since it’s my constitutional right but I am not,” a member of UNAA team said.

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