Never Give Up; The story of Jenny Balinda

Fashionista and model Jenny Balinda grew up in a simple life but that has not stopped her from succeeding. Celebrity Inspiration Corner sat her down for a short interview and here it is;

What have you achieved?
Jenny: Above all, life. The greatest gift anyone can have; a family, love around me. Then investments.

What is your story?
Jenny: I am simple girl who grew up in a simple life but very complicated life. I became independent at the age of 17. Life was hard, my mum had no job she was a home mum but the sweetest mum ever, she is my hero. I love her with my life because i never got a chance to even lay my eyes on my father, he died before i was even 2 years old. I keep wondering how my life would have turned out if my Dad was in it. Life was never easy but I servived it.
What is your message to the public
Jenny: For girls, love yourselves, respect yourselves more. No body will love you better than yourself, they shouldn’t lie to you (tebakulimba) and you can never be respected if you don’t respect yourself first.
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