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Neera – Mowzey Radio & Weasel

Mowzey Radio’s maturity is remarkable. From that young man singing about sweet ladies to now the grown man we see now (By maturity, I basically mean musically. Life wise; we still doubt).

But anyway, he has always marveled us with his music. I for one believe that he can now stand by himself as a solo act; or he has always had it in him (basing on that beautiful song “Jennifer”) and is just reviving it.

Moze Radio

Neera is a love song. It’s basically a story of a man asking his lady to do it all again. It in this case referring to the kisses, the ‘disses’, hugs; generally do everything that makes up a relationship, again.

This is an all different look at this love thing. I personally have never looked at love from such an aspect. This gives it an everlasting feel. I give this one to Radio and Weasel. They did justice to it.

Surely the Ugandan ear knows what’s good for it. This song is on every chat in this nation (gospel exempted of course). It has hit no.1 or is headed for the number one spot. Whoever this song was for is definitely worth a rebound of love.

Well am sure most of us have heard this song and have your reactions towards it. Share!

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